Hoodies – How to Personalise your Hoodies

You can customise your hoodies with embroidery on the front chest area, the back and the top of the sleeve.
You can design your hoodies to have a screen print on the front or the back, and they can be heat printed down the arms. We can also heat print hoodies on the front pouch pocket, and  in certain positions on the hood.

Print and Embroidery Options for your Hoodies

We hope the information below will help you decide which type of personalisation would be best for your custom hoodies. If you would like to discuss these options please call us on 01484 688839.


You can customise your hoodies with embroidery in a number of positions:
front left chest, front right chest, front centre, on the back below the collar, across the shoulders, or on the upper part of the arms.

We cannot customise hoodies with embroidery down the arms, or on the front kangaroo pouch pocket
But we can print in both of these positions.

Embroidery is great to customise detailed logos like school and university crests and company logos, we can use up to 9 colours in each design, and we can closely match thread colours to pantone colour references.

The price of embroidery for your hoodies is not dependent on the number of colours in the logo, it is dependent on how many stitches are used in the logo, and of course it provides a great quality finish.We can also customise using embroidery for individual named personalisation on garments.

There is a once only charge for originating your embroidered logo, this is £36 (inc vat).
We hold your logo on file and we can re use it in the future with no additional charge.
If your logo needs to be changed, for example a university crest with a dfferent team name under the crest, we charge £15 (inc vat) to make this change.

If you are a school or university please ask us if we already have your logo set up, as this can save you £36.

There is no minimum quantity for the number of hoodies we will embroider.

The best file format for sending your logos for embroidery is a jpeg, but we can work from headed paper, pictures and detailed photographs. However, please send the best quality image you can, as this helps us to produce the best results for you.

A typical embroidered logo in the left chest position on hoodies will cost about £2.25 – £3.00 (inc vat). The prices of the hoodies on our pricing page include the cost of one left chest pocket embroidery.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is the technique you will see on most printed t shirts which you buy, it is very cost effective for larger quantities, and large images.

We can customise hoodies by screen printing on the front of hoodies, the back, or on the arms. The maximum size of each print is  A3 (40cm x 30cm).

We cannot screen print across corners of hoodies, (ie across the corner of a shoulder ). We also cannot screen print right up to a bottom or side seam, or across the kangaroo pouch pocket or onto the hood.

The cost to customise hoodies by screen printing is dependent on how many garments you order, and how many colours you use. (Pantone colours can be matched on screen printing)

The price quantity breaks for printing are 12-50 (12 is the minimum), 51-500,  501-999 and 1000+

There is a screen set up charge for each colour of £25 (+ vat), and we can print in up to 8 colours. Each time you place an order we charge £25 (+ vat) for each screen colour. If you place a re order of exactly the same design there is a charge of £15 (+vat) per colour for setting up the screens.

If you would like to have the same design printed in a different colour, during the same print run, there is a £10 charge to change colours mid way through a print run. (ie printing a white logo onto a black garment, and then printing the same logo in black on to a white garment)

If you would like white hoodies, polos or t shirts, and you have a full colour logo, have a look at our direct to garment printing information below.

Heat Printing

Our heat printed option is great to customise hoodies for single colours, and smaller runs.

We use both vinyl and flock materials for heat printing. They can be washed up to 60 degrees, and they will not come off the garment. That’s a guarantee.

What is heat printing?
Our computer sends your design to a digital plotter which accurately cuts out your logo on to a piece of vinyl or flock material, (we have lots of colours to choose from, but unfortunately we cannot pantone match these colours)

The logo or text is manually picked from the cut piece of vinyl, and the design is then heat pressed on to your garment at a high temperature.

We can print just about anywhere on the garment. We don’t like to print over the ribbed hems on the bottom of hoodies or the cuffs, so we avoid going to close to them, nor can we print over seams, but just about anywhere else, and any size.
We can heat print on to hoods, the kangaroo pouch pocket, down the arms (or legs of joggers), so just about anywhere!

Heat printing is great for individual personalisation as there is no set up cost for each name.  In fact there is no set up cost for any text, and you can choose the font we use.

As it is more of a manual process it does cost more than screen printing per item, but for smaller runs it can be more cost effective, as there are no set up charges.

Direct to Garment Printing

If you are using white garments we can customise them using a technique which prints directly on to the garment, in full colour.

For larger logos this is excellent on both t shirts and hoodies.

There is a set up charge of £30 per design, but then the cost per garment is much less than a large embroidery.

20 white hoodies with one large full colour print would be £15 (inc vat) each plus £30 set up charge.

But this option is only available when you customise on to white garments.

If you have any questions about any of the above techniques please call us, we are always happy to help.


The Custom Hoodies Company 01484 688839